About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision is to proclaim:
"The Way of salvation, through Jesus Christ,
The Truth of the Word of God and
The life we are called to live, for our LORD."

Our Values

A community of worship: WEM focuses on worship in Spirit and in truth.

A community of fellowship: WEM equips people through discipleship, Bible teaching, cell groups and home groups.

A community of missions: WEM proclaims the Gospel to all people locally and globally.

A community of service: WEM serves by sharing the love of God with our neighbors.

About WEM

Since its founding in 2004, the Wolgwang English Ministry has been committed to serving the spiritual needs of foreigners and English speaking Koreans living in Gwangju.

WEM invites you to join a community that offers passionate worship, life-changing teaching, and fellowship with other Christians.

We want to support you in deepening your faith and connect you with other Christians.

So whether you are someone who is just starting to ask questions about God, or a committed Christian who wants to grow in faith, you can find a home here at WEM.

In His Service,
Your WEM Team

What we believe

We believe in God the creator who reveals Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Romans 1,19-20; Isaiah 45,5; Mt 28,18; Col 1,15

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word which can change the life of the individual and the church.
2Tim 3,14-17; 2Pet 1,19-21; Romans 12,7; 2Tim 3,16-17; James 1,23-25; Romans 10,17

We believe that Jesus Christ lived on this earth, without sin, and as both fully God and fully man and died in our place on the cross at Golgatha for the sins of mankind.
John 1,29; Acts 10,40-41; 2Cor 5,21; Gal 4,4f; Hebrews 4,15; Hebrews 9,11-28

We believe that everyone who believes in Jesus Christ and accepts Him as Savior gets into Heaven and will live with God in eternity.
Acts 17,30; John 3,3-8; Hebrews 12,14; 1John 1,9; 1John 4,15

We believe that seeking people is important to God and should therefore be important to the church.
Luke 5,30-32; Luke 15; Mt 18,14

We believe that Jesus radically renews everyone who believes in Him and that Jesus will return at His time to judge mankind.
Romans 5,12; Romans 3,23; 2Cor 5,15; Eph 2,10; 1Mose 3,1-7; Acts 1,11; 1Thess 4,13-16; 1Cor 15,51-57; Revelation 20,1-6

We believe that it is a benefit to be involved in and committed to a church. We believe that God has a calling for each one of us and that God will provide us with the talent to fulfill it.
Acts 2,41-47; 1Cor 12,1-31; Romans 12,4-8

We believe that a church consists of people who serve God and use their talents to serve others. We should do our utmost to glorify God and to inspire others.
1Cor 12+14; Romans 12; Eph 4; Col 3,17; Mal 1,6-14

We believe that a church should be relevant to society without losing its identity or teaching.
1Cor 9,19-23; Acts 17,16-31